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We believe that a memorable dining experience can only come from a kitchen that cooks from the soul. Every dish and drink we serve is the embodiment of an obsession to create tastes that reflect our fundamental philosophy of “rustic elegance”. Traditional fare infused with a contemporary flair that’s not only a fresh take on classic favourites but a culinary journey guided by a chef who’s proud to blaze her own menu trail. You could say we’re the renegades of recipes, truth-seekers of sweet.

All of the dishes we plate are designed to suit a broad range of tastes with light and hearty options available to suit everyone’s diverse appetites. We’re also passionate about dish presentation because we know it tastes even better when it looks that good. Where we can, we source local produce from farmers and growers who’re excited to work with chefs who appreciate a fresh turnaround from paddock to plate. Flexibility is also a Hot Shott staple so we offer all of our dishes at any time of day – totally unheard of! Breaky, brunch, lunch, dessert, let your taste buds decide what time of day it is.

What we set out to create was an authentic place for the people. An enchanting alfresco space to relax and chat over fine food and delectable drinks. Our Hot Shott squad is here to serve you so drop by and we’ll try to make your day that little bit more special.

Hope to see you soon.

Kellie Rolfe – Head Chef
Jenna Finch – General Manager

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